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Factors to Consider When Choosing Industrial Casters

industrial castersWhen you are choosing industrial casters for application in high temperature locations, there are myriad aspects that you ought to take into account. Caster applications that are of high temperatures have a wide range of effects on the performance of the casters and it is vital to make the right choice.? Some of the effects of high temperatures on casters are reduced operating life, increased maintenance issues, and even premature failures.? It is therefore important to make the right choices so that the casters can serve you for a longer period of time.

Wheel Material

The material used in making the industrial casters is a major factor to consider.? Caster wheels with polyurethane tires can still be considered at high temperatures but they might not ideal after a short period of time. This is because polyurethane is easy to break and thus the increased risk of a flat tire or premature failure during use.? Therefore, when you are using polyurethane tires at temperatures that are close to 180F, it is vital to evaluate their application in the right manner.

On the other hand, most nylon wheels are able to withstand temperatures of up to 250F. Nylon wheels are normally the best option to settle for when ergonomics are a major concern.? This is because such kinds of wheels roll with ease and minimal force is actually required.? For applications that are higher than 600F, cast iron or steel-made casters will be the most suitable.


When buying industrial casters for use in high temperature applications, the issue of lubrication also needs to come into the picture.? If the application temperatures of the caster exceed the rating of the lubricant, the effectiveness of the lubrication will be largely compromised. This can then lead to increased friction in the bearings as well as the swivel sections.? With increased friction comes the increased effect of wear and tear which then leads to a reduction in the life of the bearings.? There are different types of lubricants that are available out there in the market today. You therefore need to choose the type that is most suitable for the temperatures that you intend to expose your casters to.

The Bearings and Swivel Section

The bearings that come with the industrial casters and the swivel action are also vital aspects to consider when you are choosing a caster.? Other than looking at the lubricants, there are different bearing materials like ceramics that can be used with such products.? Bearings are also created differently for suitability in varying temperature applications. The ratings of the bearings have to be considered in this process so that you can choose the casters that are most ideal for your intended applications.

As much as lubrication, wheel material and bearings are major factors to consider when you are choosing industrial casters, there are other aspects that you also ought to think about.? You need to make sure that the caster is truly suitable for the application that you want to subject it to. Again, you have to choose the right product to be guaranteed success in the long run. Most definitely, no one wants to invest in casters that only last a few months and thus the need for another purchase.

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